DOL stops more identity thefts

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Janelle Moses knew what it was like to have someone pretend to be her.

"Thieves and people that are out there stealing our identity. They can steal our picture too," said Janelle.

Someone stole Janelle's identity five years ago. And, it's changed the way she does things ever since.

"How much of a hassle was it for you to deal with?" asked Reporter.
"It took me six months and it took me a thousand dollars," said Janelle.

The Department of Licensing was trying to keep that from happening you. Its expanded facial recognition system has been in place since June. By comparing every picture taken with every other picture in the database, the computer flagged images that look alike. Employees looked at them to make sure nobody's trying to assume more than one identity, especially yours.

"I've heard of people having their bank accounts cleaned out," said Don Sweet.

Since June, the DOL computer spotted more than 23,000 pictures to review. Investigators looked into almost 200 cases of potential fraud. Janelle hoped it worked.

"Anything new that we can try to cut down the fraud is a good thing," said Janelle.

DOL told us most people who tried to get fake IDs already had their license suspended. And, were looking for a way around the system to keep driving or get into bars. The agency thought simply word of the software being out there has helped cut into fraud.