Dog hoarder slapped with several violations & possible jail time

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Inspectors in Yakima say a local dog hoarder doesn't seem to be changing her ways. Authorities told us it hasn't stopped and went back to the property Wednesday. Through it all, she's managed to stay out of jail. KIMA learned if that could change.

It's a return trip for animal control and code enforcement officers to Evelyn Dauenhauer's home. A woman they say is a chronic dog hoarder.

"This is where I had the pups before, right here," said Steve Dauenhauer.

Action News first told you about Dauenhauer in April of 20-12 when authorities took almost 50 dogs from her home. Almost half of them had to be put down.

Dauenhauer cut a deal to avoid serious punishment. Since then, officers keep coming back and said they have taken another 30.

Dauenhauer's plea bargain states she can't have three or more dogs. That deal kept her out of jail. Authorities said she could now wind up doing time after finding nine dogs on her property over the weekend.

"If the defendant doesn't live up to their obligation, you know they, Ms. Dauenhauer may find herself facing well, she will be find herself facing some jail time," said the City Prosecutor, Cynthia Martinez.

Last time, Dauenhauer got a $1,300 fine instead of a possible $50,000 and 11 years in jail.

Right now, she's dealing with a citation for 11 violations, which could mean a little more than two years.

But, it's not only the animals. Investigators say there are several health problems here too.

"We've had it cleared up in the past and then it gets back to this condition," said Joe Caruso, city codes manager.

Evelyn Dauenhauer wasn't here for the latest inspection. For a balanced story, KIMA tried to speak with her brother Steve.

"Are you be willing to talk to us to share your side of the story?" KIMA asked.
"No ma'am." Steve Dauenhauer said.

Once again, the property must be cleaned up and all three RVs have to be moved within 48 hours. It's a problem that the city can't seem to make go away.

Codes will check again in a week to see if the property has been cleared. If not, a lien could be put on the property and more charges might be filed.