Dog attack victim speaks out

YAKIMA, WASH. -- Three dogs brutally attacked a Yakima Police Officer and 48-year-old Eddie Gefroh. The officer was bitten several times, but Eddie's injuries were worse. He talked to KIMA Action News about the fight of his life.

"Just remarkable as how close to death I came right then. I mean I was right on deaths door", Eddie Gefroh told KIMA.

Eddie Gefroh was brutally attacked by three stray Pit-Bull mixed dogs early Wednesday morning.

He was walking his dog Oreo in the early hours. His life took a turn for the worse when the dogs attacked him.

"They were not biting. They were eating, eating me because when they were stuck to my arms they were pulling out my tendons and nerves and every kind of tissue on me", said Eddie.

He has numerous deep gouges all over his body and face. Spending several days in ICU, he had to be pieced back together. He has over 150 stitches and 12 staples in his head.

Doctors tell him they've never seen an attack like this. And don't know the extent of his injuries yet. Making it hard to determine when he'll fully recover.

If it wasn't for David Garza, he would be dead.

Eddie told us, "David said you have to stand up, you have to get up on your own. As soon as he said that I let out a big grunt and lifted myself off the ground."

Eddie Gefroh was nearly eaten alive by the three wild dogs here on this street. It's the intersection of Division and 3rd Ave. Battling for his life he says David gave him the strength to push through.

I remember one part, I had my back to David and he was pushing me back towards the building and it was just traumatic", Eddie wept.

Several days after the attack, the family is learning how to cope.

"Aggravation of we all know where the dogs come from. If the guy would just confess seriously", Lorraine Gefroh said.

The Gefroh's now look for answers. And are concerned that children could be injured if these dogs are still on the loose one school is in session.

Officials killed one of the dogs Wednesday. The other two were found in the Central Salvage junk yard Friday. A trap has been set to catch the two remaining dogs. More will be set Monday.

Officials told Action News Pit-Bulls are illegal in Yakima, even if it's a mix. If the dog has any Pit-Bull blood, it's considered illegal.
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