Dog attack: Police raid Central Salvage

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima Police, Animal Control and the City Fire Marshal are still on the look out for the third wild dog who attacked a Yakima Police officer and a 48-year-old man late Tuesday night.

Friday Joe Caruso the City Fire Marshal and Codes Administrator Manager and Animal Control, raided the Central Salvage junk yard where the dogs where last seen.

Neighbors said they've seen the dogs in that vicinity and Fire Marshal Caruso has as well. The junk yard owners have denied ownership of the dogs.

Police found dog feces scattered all over the junk yard and wooden boxes cut out with hay, they expect to be dog houses.

Instead of finding the third remaining dog, they found two. They assumed the dog they shot was dead but both dogs were spotted by officers in Central Salvage.

Fire Marshal Caruso fired a shot but missed.

They have one trap currently in place, and plan to add three traps come Monday.