Dog attack: Man's best friend turns on man

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A pack of vicious dogs took down two men Tuesday night. One was a Yakima police officer, the other has countless bites all over his body. What's worse, at least one of the dangerous dogs is still out there.

The dangerous dogs sent the men to the hospital. Postal worker Dani Easbey thinks she's seen the animals.

"If they get feral, they're going to start packing up and attacking people," said Easbey.

Del Monte employees along Division heard shouts coming from the area near the railroad tracks.

They found three large dogs attacking a police officer. Workers managed to scare the dogs away. But, it's believed the same animals went after a 48-year-old man who was walking his dog along Division about five hours later.

Neighbors are concerned they could be the next victim.

Justin Burton told KIMA, "It's a little unsettling just to think we could have dogs out here."

Police said the 48-year-old victim suffered severe gashes all over his body and face. This time, it was an employee in the neighborhood who heard the man's cries for help. The witness threw several rocks at the dogs until they retreated.

"They are all skittish, they're not any dog you want to approach that's for sure," said Dani Easbey.

We pulled the numbers for animal attacks over the past three years in Yakima. Reports of animal bites have fallen by nearly a third compared to 2011.

Easbey thinks the problem still persists and blames bad owners for this recent attack.

"They belong to that Salvage place up around the corner. I saw their puppies, they were all kind of skittish but I've seen their two," said Easbey.

Seven Police Officers banded together to hunt down the dogs. They shot one dead and critically injured another, but it got away. A third may still be out there, and until it's caught, police want you to be alert.

Police did not release the names of the two victims. Without those, privacy laws stop us from learning their condition.

We only know the officer had minor bites and shouldn't be back to work until next week. The other man's bites were described as 'severe,' but he's expected to survive.