Dixon pleaded guilty to second degree manslaughter

Dixon pleaded guilty to second degree manslaughter

YAKIMA, Wash.- 23-year-old Dylan Dixon was found not guilty of murder one week ago and has now agreed to plead guilty to 2nd degree manslaughter.

Last week a jury acquitted Dixon of the charge of 2nd degree murder for the death of John Barrett. The same jury was hung on two other charges and was unable to come to a decision on 2nd degree felony murder and 1st degree manslaughter, therefore the judge declared a mistrial.

On Tuesday the county attorney announced they offered plea agreement for Dixon to take instead of going back for a second trial.

A judge will sentence Dixon Oct. 13 for the new manslaughter charge and for two weapons crimes he'd been convicted of. Prosecuting attorney Joe Brusic says the State is making a sentence recommendation of time-served for Dixon.

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