Deputies search for 1 more man wanted for murder

HARRAH, Wash. -- Deputies caught two more suspects involved in a deadly shooting Saturday.

Deputies responded to a house on Harrah Road after learning many shots were fired into the home. Neighbor Shane Olney said he can't believe what happened.

"It's just right out my back door here and I'm like the second closest neighbor to them and it's real surprising," said Shane.

Deputies said a gate near the home was unlocked when the suspects drove through the property about a quarter mile to the house and started actively shooting. KIMA learned that one victim died and the other three in the house remained unharmed.

32-year-old Charles Burkybile died from his injuries. A woman and two small children inside were not hurt.

Deputies believe the incident was drug related. A Yakama Nation police officer saw a car leaving the area that matched the suspect car description. That's when a car chase started and eventually ended in Wapato. Three suspects fled the scene and one was caught.

"There's a lot of different traffic and cars that are around and shouldn't be here," said Shane. "It's just kind of scary for the children."

Two suspects who fled the scene were eventually caught. Martin Alvarez was arrested in the Yakima area. And Luis Anguiano was arrested in Snohomish County.

"They found people two miles down in a ditch wrapped up in a tarp and stuff from drug deals that's gone bad in the past year or two so things are getting kind of out of hand out here," said Shane.

Deputies are still looking for the last suspect Carlos Hernandez.