Deputies: Party murder suspect connected to another shooting

YAKIMA COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE NEWS RELEASE -- Yakima County Sheriff's Detectives continue to attempt to locate Miguel Angel Martinez for the murder of Carmen Johnson.

Investigators continue to work to determine Mr Martinez' whereabouts although at this time Mr Martinez' location is unknown.

As a result of this homicide investigation Yakima County Sheriff's Detectives have now also positively identified Miguel Angel Martinez as the person that shot four teenagers in Outlook on 07-28-2013 in another party that went out of control.

The Outlook shooting originally went cold for lack of information that would aid in the identification of a suspect.

Details regarding how Mr Martinez has been positively identified as the shooter in the Outlook shooting will not be released at this time although investigators are certain of his identity.

As a result Yakima County Sheriff's investigators now also seek Mr Martinez for four counts of Assault 1 in addition to the murder charge.