Deputies: Man in custody following shootout with tribal officer

WHITE SWAN, Wash. -- Authorities identified the man accused of shooting at a tribal officer early Thursday morning in White Swan. Eventually, the SWAT team went in to arrest Douglas Kemp after a four-hour standoff.

Action News spoke with neighbors who were told to take cover.

"It was really scary," said witness Lila Shawaway.

Shawaway lives across the street from where gunshots rang out near the corner of Walnut and First Streets. She woke up around 5:00 a.m. to see police swarming her neighborhood.

"Standing out here at this tree and they were pointing their guns over there," Shawaway said.

The SWAT team showed up and told Lila and her neighbors to take cover. She ran to her basement.

"I didn't know what the heck was going on I was scared at that point," Shawaway said.

Officers were looking for Douglas Kemp. They said he fired shots a Tribal Police officer.

Deputies said he was initially involved in a family-fight nearby.

The tribal officer located Kemp, but the man wouldn't put his gun down. Detectives said he then fired at the officer. The office wasn't hit Kemp took off.

Police shut down several blocks. Yakima police, state troopers and sheriff's deputies responded to help in the manhunt.

Neighbors said the suspect was ultimately arrested in a backyard, and they said the SWAT team had to bust down a fence to get to him.

Deputies said Kemp has a criminal past but wasn't wanted for anything before this.

FBI agents joined them at the scene to collect evidence.

Shawaway was happy the man was caught but is now more concerned about her neighborhood.

"Worried about my neighbors here and the kids at the library here that come over here," she said.

Tense moments no one wants to see here again.

Deputies tell KIMA Kemp was treated for a minor gun shot wound. Kemp faces charges of attempted murder, assault and burglary.