Deputies: Accused child rapist may have 5 victims

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- Prosecutors filed charges regarding two alleged victims of Jonathan Kuhlman.

But deputies think there could be at least three more, so we can't understand why he's not in jail.

The court documents related to this case may be found here.

Young teens have frightening stories to tell about Jonathan Kuhlman. In court documents, two separate girls have told how Kuhlman tried to force them to perform sex acts.

A 14 year old says Kuhlman raped her earlier this year. Which is why deputies provided Action News with a mug shot of the 41 year old. Maybe more girls were out there who had a similar story to tell.

And that's just what happened.

Benton County Deputies now think Kuhlman could have five-victims.

"Where those investigations will lead, we're not sure at this point, or if it will mean even more charges against him," says Deputy Joe Lusignan with the Benton County Sheriff's Office.

It was at Ki-Be High school where police say Kuhlman made several contacts with woman he would later sexually assault. He lured them into his car with promises of alcohol and marijuana.

Deputies say Kuhlman met some of the girls on Facebook.

"The activities he's using to entice these young lades are basically the personification of Stranger Danger," Lusignan added.

Investigators think the victims may have trusted Kuhlman because he's charming, approachable and doesn't look like the boogie man.

"We don't want you you getting into a car with a stranger, you don't communicate on social media with a stranger. Just because someone is is funny and telling jokes doesn't make them safe," Lusignan warned.

As of late last week, Kuhlman was charged with multiple child sex crimes, but by Friday, deputies say he only had to pay about three thousand dollars to get out of jail.

Law enforcement isn't required to monitor him, so even as more young girls continue to come forward with stories of a potential child rapist, Kuhlman is free to walk the streets.

We tried reaching the judge who granted Kuhlman $30,000 bail when the prosecutor's office asked for $50,000. We did not hear back.

Action News also tried to get Kuhlman's criminal history or contact information but deputies couldn't provide that this day. So we are unaware of whether he's been accused of a crime before.