Dead rabbits hung on football field for high school prank

QUINCY, Wash. -- A high school rivalry has taken on a different look in Quincy.

Many in town are concerned this so-called prank went a bit overboard. Some are even calling it cruel.

"I think it's really immature...when you look at their age and stuff...yeah, I think it's really immature, and why'd they do that?" said 10-year old Jay Menfroewiss.

Jay can't believe what the older kids in his district did last week. Three Ephrata High School students pulled a prank on their arch rivals - the Quincy Jackrabbits.

"I think it's all fun and humor but uh, I think that kids should learn from it and just uh not do it anymore," said Quincy Grid Kids President Juan Villalpando.

Two teams, one rivalry - that's been going on for years. Many know about the traditions of 'pranking' between the schools, but no one has seen one like this. The students hung dead rabbits from the goal post on the Jackrabbits football field, and on the trees surrounding the field.

"I think people look at it from this is pretty darn serious to this is just a high school prank," said Athletic Director Bill Alexander.

Alexander says he caught the kids in the act.

"We'd just like to move on and get going with out next ball game."

But not everyone feels that way. A number of parents in the district were upset with the punishment, or lack-there-of, that the kids received. Ephrata officials said students were disciplined, but they couldn't share exactly how.

The other concern, how were the rabbits killed?
Police and school officials both say they don't know and they believe the rabbits were already dead before they strung up.

A lot of people from both districts said they have good relationships with each other so they just want to move forward.

"It was talked about you know jokingly it was funny you hear about it, then it's like, you take the serious part from other people that say well that's cruelty," said Villalpando.