Day of Music Takes Over Ellensburg

Day of Music Takes Over Ellensberg

ELLENSBURG, Wash.- The Day of Music from Central Washington University had students playing at different places throughout Pearl Street.

This is a first for the students, who picked the locations where they're performing.

Sara Carroll, the music program’s advising and recruiting specialist, said that the students have been the driving force behind the event.

"Our students are very happy to collaborate with the community and they love the opportunity to share their artistry with other people beyond the campus," she said.

Central Transit is a quartet that got the chance to perform on Ellensburg Community Radio in the 420 building.

As much as they love playing their music at school, it's a nice change of pace to perform outdoors.

"We are music students we don't get to get out much. It's nice to get the music outside the music building and give back to the community," they said.

Levi Golan was running in between groups as a conductor and says it's almost like being a musician playing in the street for money.

"Just creating more music in the city even if they weren't there to watch it they could still hear it or maybe it just touches their day or maybe they didn't like it but it gives us a chance to touch more people, " Golan said.

Whether you were shopping for groceries or looking at art, the streets of Ellensburg are alive with the sound of music.

The day of music will continue until 9 p.m. tonight with music broadcasting on speakers throughout the city during “Girls Night Out.”

Here is the list of performances for the rest of the day.

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