Dangerous conditions persist on Yakima Valley roads

YAKIMA VALLEY, Wash. -- The conditions continue to be a problem for drivers struggling to stay in the lines on streets and highways.

One car ended up toppling a gas pump at the Shell station on Ahtanum Road and South 1st Street. Investigators say a medical episode caused the driver to lose control.

Troopers say there have been almost 300 accidents blamed on weather since Thursday, most of them in Kennewick, Toppenish and Prosser.

It's a challenge for anyone trying to get around. Lori Erickson lives in the Cowiche area.

"Once we hit Yakima, it's a mess. I've been from the Social Security office clear to the smoke shack, and now I'm downtown and every road in town is a disaster."

The Yakima Fire Department says there have been a handful of serious accidents in the city since the snowstorm began.