DACA supporters rallied in Downtown Yakima to protest presidential decision

DACA supporters rallied in Downtown Yakima to protest presidential decision.

YAKIMA, Wash.- Earlier today President Donald Trump ordered an end to DACA, an executive order from the Obama administration that protected young undocumented immigrants from deportation.

"This is the right thing to do morally, economically, and socially,” Yakima City Councilwoman Dulce Gutierrez said.

Over 50 people met at Millennium Plaza to show supports for those who are protected by DACA and the families that will be affected.

DACA protected those who came to the United States illegally as children from deportation and now their status in the United States will be in question come march of next year. 17,000 of them being from the state of Washington.

Trump says the only way to protect American jobs and communities is by enforcing immigration laws, and while the order to was to end DACA, he wants congress to come up with a new immigration policy that he can be part of.

However, Gregorio Herrera, with the Yakima League of United Latin American Citizens Council, said that can cause a problem for Yakima County when some of the agricultural work force is undocumented workers.

"It would not be the same without the immigrant population being here,” he said. “Without all these folks, the work wouldn't be done."

Gabriel Munoz spoke at the event and he enjoyed that people from all different backgrounds came together holding signs to show it goes outside of just Latinos.

"It's not just Latinos who deserve this,” he said. “It's not just Latinos that need this. It's everyone."

Dori Peralta Baker with the Asian-Pacific Islander Coalition said even though Latinos seem to be the main group affected, there are other people coming from the Philippines and other parts of Asia that are going through the same issues and everyone needs to come together.

"There's strength in numbers and we need to speak out,” she said. “We need to support each other."

Governor Jay Inslee was in Cle Elum today to talk about the fires in Central Washington and he said this decision takes the American Dream away from many people.

“They are building our businesses, they are going to college, they're graduating from high school, they are being good employees and it's wrong to pull these dreams away from them,” Inslee said.

While the effects of the president’s decision will not be felt for a few months, people here say there are still things people under DACA could do before it ends.

Some tips included renewing work documents or driver's licenses before March rolls around.

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