Curbside recycling pilot program starting soon in Yakima

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima's moving forward with a pilot program for curbside recycling at the beginning of the year. And, it will be free.

There's no decision yet what neighborhoods will get the service. Neighborhoods in the central part of the city are most likely. About 500 customers will be included in the program. Some people are willing to pay for it in the future.

"At most I'd be willing to pay 10 or 15 bucks a month for recycling, but I would prefer it for free because my fiance and I recycle almost everything we can," said Alex Collins-Gauweiler.

The pilot program will last six to nine months. If Yakima continues with curbside recycling after that, there will probably be a charge. The city is trying to limit that to $3.50 a month.