Crowd hopes to gain support on initiative to label modified crops

ELLENSBURG, Wash. -- A public meeting in Ellensburg on Sunday focused on the impact of genetically engineered crops. Supporters hoped to gain the support of I-522, an initiative calling to label all genetically engineered food.

Howard Vlieger, a third generation farmer held the presentation. He's recognized as an expert on genetically engineered crops. His presentation discussed safety concerns of modified crops. Some people had their concerns.

"My health would be a lot better and more strength of mind and body, the whole nine yards is going to be better off for everybody," said Nelson Shafer.

"The thing is wanting to know what other ingredients are on your good and you have a right to know," said Jim Brand.

Currently most crops in the state are not genetically engineered. Voters will vote on the Washington I-522 this November in the general election.