CRIMETRACKER: Burglaries nearly double in one Yakima neighborhood

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A Yakima neighborhood has seen an unusual increase in the number of burglaries. Over the last month the number of break-ins has nearly doubled.

Metal security doors and barred windows are no stranger to this neighborhood south of Yakima Avenue. Burglaries in this neighborhood are not unusual, but the number over the past month is. In August, there were seven burglaries within a few blocks of East Race Street and South Naches Avenue. There was one more in September; however, it almost doubled in October to 14.

Homeowner Maria Dominguez said she came home from dinner one night and found her place completely trashed.

"Something so private, they had access to pictures, family pictures. It's a sense of knowing that they know who we are, but we don't know who they are that makes you feel so violated," she said.

YPD tells Action News that there is a spike in burglaries taking place in a particular neighborhood, it may not be coincidence.

"If they've hit one part of town a lot of times, they're likely to come back and hit that same part of town time after time after time," said YPD Captain Greg Copeland.

Other homeowners who've been burglarized say they don't hear much from YPD after filing their initial reports.

"Of course, they feel for the individual victims, but their job isn't to concentrate on one burglary location. Their job is to take all the information and try to build a case against the people that are doing the crimes," said Capt. Copeland

Maria says most of her stolen property was replaced, she no longer feels safe in her own home.

"Something that I feel we have to get used to and that's it for now. I feel like we really don't have a lot of choices, crime is escalating so bad everywhere," she said.

Police say property crime detectives focus on trying to find connections or links between different cases. These detectives don't just look into individual burglaries; they will also work the narcotics department because property crime is often linked to drug use.