Crime Tracker: Shoplifting cases spike this holiday season

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The KIMA Crime Tracker last reported shoplifting cases are down. Year end totals prove to be at the same pace as 2012, except this year's holiday season experienced a spike.

There were 735 cases in 2012. This year only lags behind by about 30 reports.

Yakima police said they've seen an increase this year in holiday shoplifting. From November first to December 31st, incidents are up by 40 reports.

Some local business owners are taking action into their own hands.

"In our efforts to fight shoplifting we security tag all of our apperal and all of our clothing", said New Yak City store manager Nate Roa. "We're deciding on whether to install metal creates on our windows."

The local business was targeted on Black Friday. Now, owners are even thinking about relocating.