Crews respond to 2 suspicious fires in Yakima

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Shortly after 8pm Yakima Firefighters responded to a report of a car fire on the 1200 block of W Prasch Avenue. They arrived to find a fully involved van with flames impinging on a nearby vehicle and house. As firefighters attacked the fire, the fire officer called for assistance.

At that time they also realized there was an additional smoke column coming from an apartment fire several blocks away.

As the first arriving officer called in additional resources and coordinated the response his remaining two crewmembers, in a show of excellent firefighting, were able to protect the residence and extinguish the two vehicle fires. The fuel tank from one vehicle had ruptured, spilling flaming fuel on the ground and increasing the difficulty of extinguishment.

Backup fire engines responding to the first incident were diverted to the second incident, which was a large SUV behind an apartment complex. Crews advanced fire hoses almost 200 feet to begin fighting the fire.

Again, crews put out the fire quickly.

The cause of the fires is suspicious and under investigation. Both fires are considered intentional.