Court records: Depot homicide suspect tells police he was defending himself

Dylan Dixon is suspected of killing John Barrett Sunday morning. (KIMA)

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- New details are released in the shooting death of 51-year-old John Barrett.

Barrett was shot and killed near The Depot on Yakima Avenue late Sunday morning.

Dylan Dixon, 22, has been arrested for the shooting.

Court papers say Dixon confronted Barrett after he didn't return a car he was working on that belonged to Dixon.

Dixon reportedly told police he tried to wave Barrett down when he saw him driving near the Depot, but Barrett tried to hit him with his car.

Court papers say Dixon told police he left the Depot and came back to confront Barrett. Dixon told police Barrett got out of the car and revealed a gun and a pistol in the bed of his truck.

Dixon told police he reached for the gun while Barrett grabbed the hammer, according to court papers.

Barrett swung the hammer at Dixon while Dixon fired the gun at him, according to court papers. Witnesses told police a similar account, according to court papers.

Dixon was later arrested at a nearby apartment. He's facing second degree murder charges and being held on $300 thousand bail.

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