County sheriffs caution residents of phone scam from caller posing as law enforcement, IRS

YAKIMA, Wash. - Yakima County Sheriff's Office (YCSO) has received many complaints from people in Yakima County about various phone scams in which the recipient is asked for credit card information.

Reports stated that one popular scam involves a caller that claims to work for the sheriff's office and notifies the person receiving the call that they have a court date.

The caller then demands credit card information to avoid being arrested by law enforcement.

A press release from YCSO wants to inform citizens that law enforcement never demands money over the phone to avoid an arrest.

Police said this scam is similar to a common IRS scam in which a suspect calls saying they are with the IRS and asks for money to avoid arrest.

Recent phone scams have also involved callers posing as a relative or family member. The scammer convinces the victim by using family information to ask for bail-out money for a mutual family member that is living away or internationally according to the release statement.

YCS warn citizens to never give out personal information or credit card information to someone calling because it could be a scam.

People who receive a call that could be a scam is asked to hang up immediately and contact local law enforcement.