County sheriffs attempt high-speed minivan pursuit

County sheriffs attempt high-speed minivan pursuit

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. - Yakima county sheriffs have ended the pursuit of a mini van after the driver reached the speed of 110 miles per hour in the Yakima area.

According to sheriffs, officers witnessed a Chrysler minivan, possibly silver in color, going 90 mph in the 50 mph zone on Summitview Road in Tieton, approximately ten minutes after midnight Tuesday.

Deputies pursued the vehicle which then sped into the area of Naches and later into Yakima near 40th Avenue and Fruitvale Boulevard, where officials decided to end the chase to ensure public safety.

No one was injured during this incident, according to Sgt. Mike Russell.

Deputies said due to the heavy rain at the time, no one was able to make out a license plate number.

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