County considers cutting four sheriff's deputies

YAKIMA, Wash. -- KIMA has covered the cuts to the Yakima Sheriff's Office for years. Now we've learned more deputies could be off the streets.

Yakima County leaders will decide whether to cut more than half-a-million dollars from the Sheriff's current budget.

Sheriff Ken Irwin told KIMA it will mean four deputy positions are eliminated. He worries about the time it will take his crews to get to you if there's an emergency.

"I'll have to take two people out of the Violent Crimes Task Force," said Sheriff Irwin. "Those people are taking the worst of the worst off of the street every month. That's mid twenties into the 40s number of bad criminals coming off the street just because of the Violent Crimes Task Force."

Two positions would be eliminated after deputies retire. The other two would be laid off. To get all sides, we reached out to all three county commissioners but no one called us back.