Cougs + Huskies in Seattle = Extra delays on Snoqualmie Pass

WSDOT TRAFFIC ALERT -- Thousands of fans will be attending a variety of sporting events in Seattle this weekend and having a game plan to get over Snoqualmie Pass is a must if you want to be in the stands for kick-off.

Drivers traveling westbound Friday, Sept. 27 and Saturday, Sept. 28 should plan ahead for congestion to start building at 11 a.m. and remain steady through 8 p.m. on Interstate 90 near Easton. Drivers traveling back on Sunday, Sept. 29 should prepare for congestion in the eastbound lanes starting at 8 a.m. and continuing until 8 p.m. Based on typical traffic volumes, drivers could experience up to two extra hours of travel time Friday westbound and Sunday eastbound.

The Washington State Department of Transportation is urging drivers to plan ahead by leaving early, coordinating carpools or taking a different route to avoid delays.

WSDOT and contractor crews are repairing the bridge deck on the westbound Yakima River Bridge. In order to do this work, contractor crews need to restrict traffic to one lane across the bridge to remove and replace the deteriorated concrete. Although crews are working during the week and on Sunday nights, traffic cannot be diverted back onto the bridge deck until it's finished in mid-October. Work on the bridge was delayed until after Labor Day when traffic volumes are lower.