Coroner: Man involved in Selah shootout dies from multiple gunshots

SELAH, Wash. -- What began as deputies entering a Selah home on a search warrant quickly spiraled out of control. Nine deputies soon doubled, tripled, until there were over 50 law enforcement officials. Now, one man in dead.

Friday night an exchange of gun shots echoed in the darkness. Over 50 law enforcement members swarmed the 400 block of Rushmore Road in Selah.

"It sounded like a machine gun at one time," said neighbor George Peter Beam. "There was a lot of firing going on and it lasted for quite some time."

"There was just cop cars everywhere from Sheriffs to Selah police," said Kim Leach.

Union Gap, Moxee, Yakima Police, Washington State Patrol, FBI and Yakima's SWAT team all geared up after gunshots were exchanged with 30-year-old Jessie Humphrey and deputies.

More reinforcements were called in.

Even neighbors weren't taking any chances.

"I wanted to protect our house in case one of them escaped and came out here," said George. "So, I got my gun and loaded it and put it by my bed."

It all started with a cell phone that was linked to a car prowl, leading deputies to a Selah home. With a search warrant officers swept the property finding Humphrey inside a trailer. Refusing to come out and talk to officers a stand-off ensued.

"Something was coming down there," said neighbor Steve Beam. "We had plenty of incidents with the sheriffs coming down, they would increase patrols when we ran into trouble with the people."

Neighbors said this home has been a troubled spot for years.

Humphrey said he'd come out after speaking with SWAT. Instead he loaded up and unleashed more rounds. Five officers shot back, Humphrey was killed immediately.

"We heard that last big shot," said George. "I think that's the one that killed that guy."

Officials are still on the scene. The investigation is expected to last two days.

Autopsy results show Humphrey died from multiple gunshot wounds to the torso.