Consumer Reports: Best gadgets for your grill

CONSUMER REPORTS -- Looking for more from your grill? Consumer Reports tested three gadgets that aim to make grilling even better.

First up: GrillGrates. It has interlocking panels that sit on top of your grill. They promise to help cook more evenly and keep your food juicy while reducing flare-ups.

Consumer Reports' lab found the GrillGrates did improve evenness with one of the two grills it tested. Although the GrillGrates didn't totally eliminate flare-ups, they did deliver some nice grill marks.

"If your grill is uneven heating and you're maybe even contemplating replacing your grill, this would be a less expensive option to try, and they do offer a money back guarantee," said Tara Casaregola of Consumer Reports.

Next up: the $150 Bakerstone Pizza Oven Box. It uses your grill to make wood-fired-style pizza. After a 30-minute warm-up, it turned out delicious pizzas every four minutes.

Finally, the $130 Grillbot. It's a grill-cleaning robot that promises to scrub your grill grates automatically.

Consumer Reports let the robot loose on a grill caked with cooked chicken. It is noisy, but after 20 minutes the Grillbot tidied up some of the mess - and still took a grill brush to clean up the pieces of burnt chicken stuck in between the grates. A grill brush is a faster, less expensive solution, but it's not as fun.

To make grilling fish and vegetables a little easier, Consumer Reports likes the $17 Master Forge Grill Wok from Lowe's. It's good for grilling small batches of food.

And, if you love barbecued ribs, the Brinkman Rib Rack holds a full rack of ribs without taking up too much space. It's about $18 at The Home Depot.