Construction on Satus Creek bridge and US 97 delayed 1 year

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- Earlier this year, The Washington State Department of Transportation began replacing the Satus Creek Bridge and realigning US 97. The construction brought immediate delays to Sylvia Ermey and anyone else traveling in this area.

"We were coming back from Oregon on 97 and there was just a long wait and the roads weren't that good," Ermey said.

The $12 million project was planned to be done back in the fall, but in the aftermath of cold and icy weather, the Washington State Department of Transportation has delayed the project through the rest of the winter. Construction is now scheduled to resume in the spring, with overall completion slated for fall of 2013.

"They have difficulties, like with the weather and they cant work and people have to take that into consideration, but I think they should be close to their finish time," said Ermey.

The 35 MPH speed limit will remain for safety reasons, even though construction is not in progress.

"Take your time, you're going to get there eventually. Be a little bit late; don't leave at the last minute. Look it up on the Internet and see where the construction is and how long it's going to take," she said.

Right now in that area part of a detour bridge is being used along with part of the new bridge. In the past three years, 499 projects have been completed and are in service, and soon this one will be added to the list.