Construction on Naches-Tieton Road to require detour

YAKIMA COUNTY PUBLIC SERVICES NEWS RELEASE -- Effective Monday morning March 24, 2014, Naches-Tieton Road will be closed for two weeks between Ranger and Naches Heights roads.

According to County officials, the road closure is needed to complete construction of the new roadway fill. "The existing roadway needs to be lowered approximately four feet to the final road elevation for about 1500 feet," stated County Engineer Gary Ekstedt. "Doing this work under traffic was considered, but would require reducing the road to one way traffic with a temporary traffic signal, installing a temporary concrete safety barrier, and would require considerably more time to complete."

Mr. Ekstedt noted that a closure was determined to be safer for the public and construction workers, offered a shorter construction time, and cost considerably less. "We could spend in excess of $150,000 on temporary traffic control and mess up traffic for a longer period of time, or spend a lot less, and mess up traffic for a shorter period of time with a closure," he concluded.

A detour route is being provided along South Naches Road and Young Grade Road to Naches Heights Road. The detour is approximately seven miles long, and is estimated to require an additional 10 minutes travel time.

The closure is expected to last for two work weeks, and the road should reopen Friday afternoon, April 4, 2014.

To view the detour, please click on the attached document. For more information, please go to: or call Yakima County Public Services at 574-2300.