Community members speak out on recent violence in Yakima

Community members speak out on recent violence in Yakima

YAKIMA, Wash. -- City leaders in Yakima are working to help keep communities and the people in them safe.

Council members, police officers and community members gathered Wednesday at the Henry Beauchamp Community Center to speak about what issues are concerning people who live in that area.

This is the fourth forum this year and neighbors like Nora Camacho say they’re feeling ignored by police officers and don’t feel like anything is being done.

Camacho’s son was one of the 13 people murdered this year and she says she is scared of the gangs in her community and wants city leaders to take action.

“I am scared to walk down the street because my son was walking to the 7-11 when he got killed. He went to buy cigarettes and on the way home he got killed and now we can’t even walk anymore because if you walk you get killed," said Camacho.

Police say so far, this year the county has had 13 murders and 10 of them have been in the city of Yakima.

Councilwoman Dulce Gutierrez who hosts these forums said this is a great way for them to hear about what is going on in each neighborhood so that they can find solutions once all the forums have been completed.

“Once we conclude this year we'll have a long list of feedbacks, comments and concerns that have been put forth by the community and that will allow us to create a comprehensive plan in 2018 based on the type of feedback were getting now," said Gutierrez.

During the forum, a police officer, council members and a prosecutor spoke to the community about how to report a crime, neighborhood patrolling and crime prevention.

Three additional forums are expected to take place for the remaining of this year.

Councilwoman Gutierrez says the forums are hosted in places that seem to be more affected by violence but people can also reach out to have the forums hosted in their neighborhoods.

For more information, contact Dulce Gutierrez at (509) 823-7021.

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