Community meeting directs recent violent activity

community meeting

YAKIMA Wash.-- A community meeting was held at Together Church where city officials and leaders, along with the community, participated in a forum where the topic was directed on how to stop violent activity.

One of the main concerns from the community was not being able to feel safe or comfortable approaching police officers.

"To maybe change the perception and your perspective and not minimize when we tell you concerns," said one of the residents.

Officials say police officers offer several outreach programs throughout the year for residents to have a one-on-one conversation with them.

Leaders also say steps are being taken by hiring new staff and helping fund after school programs were youth can spend their time doing productive activities.

"I refuse to be defined by criminal activity in our county and as your Yakima prosecutor I pledge to do everything in our part," said Yakima Prosecuting Attorney Joe Brusic.

Pastor of Together Church Micahn Carter says involving youth in safe communities and programs could help stop youth from getting involved in gangs or violence.

"Try to supply a safe place so everyone can feel valued and everyone can feel loved and try to fulfill that gap of feeling needed and known," said Carter.

Funding for light replacement around the city was also discussed as a step being taken by the city to help stop attracting violence in dark streets.

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