Community dramatically transforms dirt lot into park

MABTON, Wash. -- It's a makeover straight from a television show.
40 volunteers in one day, hundreds of rolls of sod, machinery, tools.
Everyone working to transform a 1.5 acre lot of dirt into a community a town not used to seeing development.

"The community movement has been amazing," said Laura Armstrong, Project Manager.

Row by row the hard ground was covered with fresh, green grass.
The project has been nearly two years in the making, managed by the Catholic Charities Housing Service. However, they say it's a vision of the community.

"It's not just a park that's being built, but it's something to be apart of," Laura said.

Nearly $85,000 worth of grants and donations gave the project the green light. Neighbors have contributed since day one, suggesting designs and layout. All of the plans and teamwork has lead to a new park, centrally located near housing, schools and families.

"For all the kids that wants to have fun. We really need a new park and it's gonna' be wonderful," said Alberto Vasquez, a volunteer who lives just across the street.

Saturday, volunteers laid over 40,000 square feet of freshly sod in about 10 hours. The grounds now house a place for soccer, football, volleyball and tether ball.

There are plans in motion for a skate and water park.

Laura says the work is getting done because everyone in the community believes in the idea.

"I think everyone wants to be apart of something- something meaningful," Laura said.