Closing arguments held in Selah murder case

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Closing arguments came Friday in the case against two men suspected of killing a Selah woman 15 years ago.

Michael Gorski waits for a verdict from the jury. Frank Brugnone will get his answer from the judge.

Defense lawyers argued Gorski hardly knew the murder victim and would have *no reason to kill her.

They say evidence suggests the victim was known to have a lot of men in her home.

Prosecutors argue eyewitnesses and DNA evidence points to Gorski.

"I would ask you to find the defendant Michael Gorski guilty of the crime of second degree murder," said prosecuting attorney Patti Powers.

"Mike did not do this," said defense attorney John Crowley. Mike did not hurt Caroline. Mike did not kill Caroline and therefore Mike is not guilty."

Jurors were told to disregard any opinionated statements made by a lawyer that isn't backed with evidence.

Deliberations continue Monday morning with no verdict Friday.