Cleaning up Sunnyside

SUNNYSIDE, Wash. -- Loving Sunnyside's Initiative volunteers showed up to not only beautify their community but to also help those less fortunate-by making over the neighborhood one house at a time.

"A lot of these people may not be able to afford it or they are not physically able to paint their house. So it's a good feeling to be able to help them out," said site manager Brad Rip.

Loving Sunnyside's Initiative is a donation and volunteer based program offering help to senior, disabled and less fortunate residents. It paints homes, cleans yards, and removes graffiti, which sends a message to those trashing their community.

"It's Amazing to see this many people that really care that want to get out there and help," said resident Dale Hinkle.

"Helps out with everybody making Sunnyside look better and you feel special," said homeowner Lisette Chavez.

Police say it not only makes it look better but by continuing to paint over gang graffiti, taggers are less likely to come back especially if it's a nice neighborhood.

Sunnyside's Initiative does this twice every year. Early this morning over a hundred volunteers came out to paint 5 houses and they say they can't wait to do more next spring.

"I love it. I like doing stuff like this so it's always good to come out have fun here and still help out," said Dolores Gomez.

"I really like to paint, it's really fun," said volunteer Arizona Rodriquez.

"It's lots of fun and I know lots of people want help in our community," said volunteer Lucero Mejie.

Over the last five years, 52 homes have been painted in Sunnyside. They say it's all about making a difference.

"Not only does it serve the people of the house's you're painting but it serves the community just by lifting the spirit of the community," said Leroy Werkhoven, a Loving Sunnyside Initiative board member.

A minimum of twenty volunteers are assigned to a single home. Loving Sunnyside's Initiative says it's goal over the next four years is to paint at least 48 more houses.