Clean up days to improve appearance of Yakima

YAKIMA, Wash. -- It's proof that a little help goes a very long way at making a difference.

"We care a lot about our community," said James. "If you got a nice clean neighborhood and everything, it might deter a gang member from going into the area."

James Scott is a code compliance officer in Yakima. Like many of the volunteers here, he believes these community clean up days are a step in the right direction. Not only does it give a much-needed makeover to local neighborhoods, but it also stops crime before it happens because it inspires people to respect their community. The goal is to make Yakima better for both locals and visitors alike.

"When someone comes from out of town, you want to have pride in your city," said James. "You want people to come in and say this is a nice looking city. You want them to come back."

Free drop off sites will be open throughout the year to collect trash. City workers gathered everything from yard debris and paper to cardboard. All in an effort to clean up the appearance of these neighborhoods and to make Yakima better as a whole.

The city just had their first clean-up of eight that they have planned for the year and they said they collected a total of four to six tons of trash on Saturday.

Money for the cleanup comes from the fees you pay to use the dump. Yakima County donated dumpsters for the city to use for the clean ups.

"If we do a clean up here and have three other clean ups this spring and do it again in the fall, I think it's gonna be real helpful," said Refuse and Recycling Manager, Nancy Fortier.

A closer step for the community to get involved and a leap towards revealing Yakima's natural beauty, free of trash and crime.

YAKIMA PRESS RELEASE -- Additional community clean up days this spring include Saturday, March 30th in District 2 (primarily south of Tieton Drive between 40th Avenue and 1st Street), Saturday, April 13th in District 3 (primarily the northeast and southeast sections of the city), and Saturday, May 4th in District 4 (primarily between 40th Avenue and 1st Street).

Clean up days scheduled for later in the year include Saturday, September 7th in District 1,
Saturday, September 28th in District 2, Saturday, October 12th in District 3, and Saturday,
November 2nd in District 4.

Any individuals or groups interested in becoming involved in the Yakima community clean ups
should contact Yakima Refuse Code Compliance Officer James Scott at 576-6745.