City says no more private business banners downtown

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A new rule puts big limits on the way Yakima businesses can advertise.

They can no longer use street-sized banners and signs.

You might have noticed larger banners and signs advertising private businesses or out-of-town events.

Yakima's city manager felt they cluttered the downtown area and weren't advertising city-wide events.

Now, all street and vertical banners can only advertise Yakima or local events.

One business manager thinks these ads brought people downtown.
"It's not like they were free to put up. So I feel like that's money the city's losing out. We gladly paid to put the banner up so I guess the city won't be getting that money anymore," Hector Lopez said.

The city manager also wants to introduce new requirements to unify business marquees and signs in an effort to improve the aesthetics of the city.