City of Yakima to receive additional emergency management resources

City of Yakima to receive additional emergency management resources

YAKIMA, Wash. - The city of Yakima is getting a brand new Emergency Operations Center.

The center, which is nearly ready for operation, is located upstairs in the Richard A. Zais Jr. Law and Justice Center, according to a City of Yakima press release.

The space was formerly used as SunComm's 911 operations before moving to Union Gap.

A federal Homeland Security grant covered nearly $17,000 of the new center, including new work stations and large wall monitors for communication purposes during an emergency.

“This will be used when the City is experiencing a natural or human-caused emergency,” Emergency Management Specialist Charles Erwin said. “Information sharing, taking care of the public is critical.”

First responders will have the ability to communicate with the Emergency Operations Center and coordinate emergency efforts.

The center has work stations for the City’s Fire, Police, Public Works, and Code Administration departments, as well as for communications, Erwin stated in the press release.

Available space, funds and recent flooding from the 2017 spring season were contributing factors in establishing the center at no cost to the city.

City leaders said a simulated airport exercise will be held at the center Thursday, September 7 to help fine-tune its operations.

More information on emergency management in the city of Yakima can be found here.

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