City of Union Gap uses Marijuana revenue for kids program

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UNION GAP Wash. -- Marijuana sales across our communities can add up to a lot of money.

The city of union gap has set aside that pot tax money.

This is the second year that the city of Union Gap has used the revenue from marijuana shops to fund children summer programs.

City Manager Arlene Fisher says they feel like this has been a successful use of the money and it shows another side of marijuana shops.

“The city council has made an amazing decision to put the sales tax dollars and the excess dollars towards parks, youth and kids and that’s exactly what we’ve done and our second year of success it has proven itself," said Fisher.

The city used 35,000 dollars for the Union Gap summer youth camp from a total of about 575,000 dollars the city received from marijuana sales since 2014.

The city partnered up with Educational Service District 105 to put the camp together.

Fisher says the program is intended to keep children off the streets and teach them business skills as well as how to live a drug free life.

“When they turn 14, 15, 16 we played a part in their life to give them tools to make good decisions and so that’s the goal is building communities and building families," said Fisher.

The program is free for all kids and this year they hosted around 75 to 100 kids from the 2nd to 8th grade.

Owner of the marijuana shop Station 420 Adam Marcus says his shop has been open since 2014 and he is happy to be able to give back to the community and fund these programs.

“Station 420 has always really and truly wanted to help out in the community and for the city of Union Gap to come up with this program, its inspiring and I hope that every other community follows soon," said Marcus.

Fisher added that the program runs 100 percent by marijuana sale tax dollars and that without it this wouldn’t be possible.

The Union Gap summer youth camp ran for 6 weeks and it ended yesterday but this program will be hosted every year so if you want to get more information click here.

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