City officials and police department hold press conference about recent violence

City officials and police department hold press conference about recent violence

YAKIMA, Wash.- After a string of violence in the Yakima area, including deadly shooting of a teenager on April 25, city leaders are grouping together and asking the community to help put an end to the violence.

14-year-old Kabin Smith was killed in a drive by shooting while he was walking down the street.

This latest shooting is part of a long list of shootings that have happened in recent weeks.

Community members voiced their concerns that many are scared to walk down the street in their neighborhoods.

Yakima Mayor Kathy Coffey and Yakima Police Chief Dominic Rizzi hosted a meeting today where they addressed what the city needs to do to make Yakima a safer place to live.

"To being a process to consider additional expenditures for specific emphasis patrols by the police department that would put more officers on the street for a defined period of time," Coffey said.

Rizzi bought up the point that many crimes are not solved by the work of the detectives, but from a tip that is from someone in the community.

"We need that information when people commit crimes,” he said. “They don't keep it to themselves. They share it and place it on social media. We need the public to come forth with that information."

Yakima police and city leaders are going to continue to meet in the coming weeks to discuss possible solutions to help end the violence.

No one's been arrested for Smith's deadly shooting and police are still investigating.

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