Cities across the state losing project funding

YAKIMA, Wash.-- Yakima has relied on a state fund to pay for a number of projects over the years. Now that fund isn't available. It was a public works trust fund. This allowed the state to loan money at low interest. But Washington now suspended all public works loans.

Money from a loan like this was used to renovate Yakima City Hall in 2009. It's what's paying for a multi-million dollar water meter project right now. The city is disappointed to know the money won't be available any longer.

"It was loan money that's the problem with it," David Brown, the Water and Irrigation manager said. "It was, we had to pay it back. It isn't like it, so they're going to take money out of this fund and once they've used it all up there isn't any more."

This is the first time the state has suspended the public works trust fund in 24 years.