Church volunteers help pass out food to people in need every month

Church volunteers help pass out food to people in need every month.

YAKIMA, Wash- Some families in the Yakima area struggle to make sure they have enough food on the table for everyone.

People lined up with their boxes waiting to fill them up with produce provided by second harvest in Pasco.

Every second Wednesday of the month, David Lennon, chairman of the congregation, said they send a truck full of food to Grace Lutheran church in Yakima for volunteers from the church to pass out.

"We feel like we have been blessed so we want to pass that on to other people," he said.

Lennon said he has been doing this for the last ten years.

He says this is the 118th time they have done this and they usually serve around 300 to 500 families every time.

Second harvest has each person sign in so they can get a better idea of what food to provide.

"They keep track of the clients by their age group, so we know the kinds of food each group needs," he said.

While today's weather might have been perfect, Lennon says he’s been out here in the snow giving out food to those in need.

"It was cold,” he said. “But we gave away food in summer with it was 113, rain or shine we are out here."

You don't have to prove anything, all you have to do is show up to get some of the food they are passing out.

They usually are there until the food runs out, but if there is some leftover they donate the rest to union gospel mission so nothing goes to waste.

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