Checking smoke alarms important as daylight savings approaches says Yakima Red Cross

YAKIMA, Wash.--As people get ready to change their clocks on Sunday, Red Cross leaders want to remind you to make sure smoke alarms are working.

With daylight saving time starting on Sunday, Red Cross leaders say now's the best time to test smoke alarms.

They recommend checking them and changing the batteries every time the clocks change in the fall and in the spring.

It's part of an ongoing effort by the red cross to help save lives in case your home catches fire.

"Smoke alarms save lives and so it's really important during the time that you're changing the batteries in your clock, if you have a battery style smoke alarm, to get the batteries changed in that too. If you get into that habit every six months you have less chance of failure,” said Yakima Red Cross Disaster Program manager Cody Tusler.

As part of the Home Fire Campaign the Red Cross is looking for volunteers to help install smoke alarms in local neighborhoods to prevent future disasters.

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