Charities raise $7M+ for Oso mudslide relief

SEATTLE (AP) -- Two months after a deadly mudslide destroyed a Washington community, three nonprofit organizations have raised more than $7 million. They have already spent about half of that to help about 50 families and their neighbors begin to rebuild their lives.

The money flowed in from across the United States mostly in $10 and $20 checks.

The United Way of Snohomish County has raised about $2.4 million for mudslide relief. The American Red Cross has received more than $3 million. Cascade Valley Hospital Foundation based in Arlington has raised $1.7 million.

About half the money was distributed immediately, mostly in direct help for victim families including checks totaling $450,000 given directly to 52 families who lived on Steelhead Drive, the street destroyed by the mudslide.