Charges dropped for death of infant, investigation continues

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash.-- A Moxee mother is out of jail but could still face charges for the death of her newborn. Prosecutors decided it was too soon to file charges against Arrianna Walker. The 22-year old was arrested Monday. Police say she was drinking and then slept in the same bed as her son.

Arrianna Walker is out of jail after prosecutors decided not to file manslaughter charges against her. Moxee police responded to a call from Walker's home Monday morning that 8-week-old Elias Gonzalez wasn't breathing. Neighbors were worried when they saw all the chaos.

"I yelled for my mom because it's like right down the street," a neighbor said.

Court documents indicate Walker was drinking Sunday night and then slept in the same bed with her son. Investigators say Walker lied about where the baby slept at first, but then admitted they were together. Something she already knew was dangerous. Court records also say there was evidence of alcohol in the room and that an initial breath test showed her blood alcohol level at .099

"You just never totally expect that it'll happen on your street," the neighbor said.

It's not Walker's first issue with alcohol. Last year, she was arrested for eluding police with a suspended license while she was drunk, and then resisting arrest after being caught. At the time of her son's death, Walker was on home supervision.

The Department of Corrections is looking into whether this violated the terms of her release because Walker isn't supposed to drink alcohol. After a Tuesday morning autopsy, Yakima County Coroner Jack Hawkins confirmed Elias Gonzalez died from a lack of oxygen to his brain.