Centenarian's celebrate over 100 years of life

Centenarian's celebrating their birthday

YAKIMA Wash. - Artistic and full of life would be one way to describe these two friends.

Peggy Linderman celebrated 105 years of life today while her longtime friend Carolyn Fritzy Bryant celebrated 104 years in January.

They say the key to living a long life is having a healthy body and mind.

"Eat right of course and be a happy person," said Bryant.

Despite their age Linderman and Bryant are involved in several clubs such as Womens Century and Bridge club which is where they actually became friends.

"We've been club members and friends for over 50 years," said Linderman.

Both have lived through several historic events such as World War I, The Civil Rights Movement and the growth of technology.

But it hasn't always been easy to live through some of these events. The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 took a toll on Linderman's family.

"I had it of course, and another sister was put in a nursing home for six months and she died," said Linderman.

Despite the loss in their families they have also been able to see their generations grow.

"I have about 35 or 40 great grandchildren and a few great great," said Bryant.

At a young age Linderman started working as a dental technician and Bryant helped run her father's Tailoring business.

These ladies have been an inspiration to everyone around them and have been a great example of what strong women should be.

"They're joyful and they're kind and they're the epitome of what womanhood should be- a lady," said care taker and friend Nancy Steadley.

Although both ladies have lived through different eras, staying up to date with today's generation can be a bit confusing when asked about the term "Twerking".

"Oh how about the dip," said Bryant.

Linderman and Bryant hope to keep living a fulfilling life by being involved in as many activities as they can. They also had some advice for our generation.

"Be kind to people and not say bad things show respect to other people. I think there is quiet a lack of it now a days," said Linderman.

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