Cars speed past Yakima school buses even when stop signs displayed

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Many of us have seen it. Cars speeding past school buses as they're picking up and dropping off children. Despite the stop signs that school buses display, some drivers still don't follow the law, putting our children in danger.

It's any parent's worst nightmare, hearing their child was in a bad accident.

"Cause they're our babies, that's our future," said Kimberely Sifuents, who lives in Yakima.

Kimberely Sifuents worries about her grandchildren as they get on and off the school bus every day. She knows that it can only take a second for a driver that's not paying attention to cause an accident.

"The bus has the stop signs out, no matter how many lanes, you stop for the children," said Sifuents. "It's not for anything else, convenience nothing else, it's for the kids."

Although Yakima buses aren't installed with cameras, the bus drivers try to keep track of violators on their own. So far this year, Yakima school bus drivers have recorded 32 violations when cars don't stop for their stop sings, and that's just the ones they were able to catch their license plates.

Of the 32 recorded violations, some bus stops appeared on the list multiple times. This included the intersection at 6th Avenue and Jerome near Garfield Elementary, the intersection at 4th Avenue and Viola near Hoover Elementary, as well as the bus stop at 109 South 8th Street.

Yakima officials said the violations are recorded with the city. At the first offense a letter is sent to their house, and at the second offense a police officer goes to the violator's home.

The district also asks for extra police monitoring at dangerous intersections when necessary.

"I have children and children run out in front of cars, not paying attention," said Sifuents. "They're young they don't realize what they're doing, and as an adult you need to realize what's going on."

Taking responsibility, that can save a child's life.

Ticket violations for running past a school bus stop sign can run as high as $394.