Cars speed on hill near Englewood and 66th Ave

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A lot of complaints have been made that drivers weren't slowing down around Englewood and 66th Avenue. The hill made it hard for people to make complete stops when they reached the stop sign. Neighbors said drivers should start pumping their brakes as their car starts going down the hill. Not just when the car reached the flat land. Cars picked up speed quickly down the hill and braking too late can be a safety concern.

"My wife and I are walkers so we're out here quite a bit and on the side of the road you see them going pretty quick and sometimes they're not paying attention to pedestrians on the side of the road," said Dan Somers.

The recommended speed is 20mph, but drivers are seen going over 40mph. Slowing down will help you avoid speeding tickets and more importantly, harming someone.