Car prowls up: 'It's feet from where my children sleep'

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The KIMA Crime Tracker learned of a recent outbreak on cars getting broken into this week. It happened in West Valley as people were sleeping.

"It's feet from where my children sleep, it's scary," Alishia Owens told Action News.

Alishia Owens' car was one of several in her neighborhood broken into this week. Her neighbor, Kristen Davis, got it the worst.

"Sunglasses, any change in ash trays, if they have an iPod, hopefully no cell phones," said Kristen Davis.

Yakima police tell me these car thieves will take anything they can to make a dime. They say money, iPods and phones are the most commonly stolen items.

"We are all concerned, but we can't afford to keep replacing our stuff," Alishia told us.

Action News pulled the numbers and discovered car prowls have actually decreased this month compared to previous years. The pattern shows these crimes are commonly committed north of Tieton Drive and west of 23rd Avenue.

Yakima police bumped up patrols in areas they've seen an increase of crime. But they aren't taking further action. Alishia is worried for the safety of her two young daughters.

"What's next, are they going to break into our houses?" said Alishia.

People in the neighborhood are already taking action hoping to stop any more car prowls. One installed a new floodlight and plans to add cameras. Others are also increasing their security.

"We're going to have to take it upon ourselves to make it stop and protect our neighborhoods," Owens told KIMA.

While car prowl crimes have fallen this month, these women won't let their guard down, as the crime keeps rising year to year.

Neighbors told KIMA they intend to organize a block watch after these recent break-ins.