Car prowls cut more than 50% in Yakima

YAKIMA, Wash.-- There's been a sharp turnaround in car prowls across Yakima. It's the kind of turnaround you like to hear.

The KIMA Crime Tracker found car prowls over the last two months are much lower than the same time for the last two years. There have only been 71 reported since the beginning of September this year. That's compared to 208 last year and 179 in 2011. Yakima police noticed the crime was increasing when kids go back to school.

They focused on getting officers to respond to car prowl calls as quickly as possible. YPD says it paid off. Some people in Yakima worry it could get bad during winter.

"I think they should keep their eyes and ears open if they have to park outside," Lyle Blumhegen, who lives in Yakima, said. "Then whenever you do, don't warm your car up in the morning because that's when they happen."

YPD says it has no plans to stop its new approach.