Campers on high alert after recent attack

CLE ELUM, Wash. -- Kittitas County deputies still haven't found the man who attacked a Cle Elum woman while she was camping. It happened in the French Cabin Creek campgrounds in the Salmon La Sac area.

Most would expect a nice calm weekend when they go camping, but that wasn't the case for one person who woke up to someone attacking her.

A 25-year-old woman was sleeping outside when she was assaulted by a stranger. A friend who heard her scream helped get the man off of her. He got away in the forest.

Campers in the area said it won't stop them from coming here, but they'll pay more attention to what's happening around them.

"It did instantly make me want to maybe make my camping gear a little more secure," said Anthony Reyes. "It puts you on a heighten sense of alertness."

Teia Deyoung has already gone camping four times this month. She enjoys the peace and quiet.

"One of the reasons why I leave the city is just because I figure I can be in a safe environment in the mountains in the middle of nowhere," said Teia.

Cle Elum Rangers said the attack happened on an undeveloped campground. Spots like this don't have as much supervision. Developed campsites have hosts that operate the site.

A spokesperson for the Cle Elum Ranger District said this is the first report of the summer involving an incident like this. The agency's not aware of any cases in the last few years.

"It's unsettling to know that there's danger like that," said Anthony.

It's a danger that doesn't happen often, but it's enough to make campers looking for peace and quiet feel a bit uneasy.

The case is still under investigation. KIMA will follow up.