Camp Hope announces indoor homeless shelter locations

Camp Hope announces indoor homeless shelter locations

YAKIMA, Wash. - Camp Hope is Yakima's homeless camp that started back in March, so this is the first winter Camp Hope will experience.

In order to prepare for winter, Camp Hope directors are looking for an indoor shelter to house the homeless.

They have narrowed it down to two locations, 10 East Washington Avenue and 510 South First Street.

Although nothing is finalized, Andy Ferguson with Transform Yakima Together said the Washington Avenue location is their first choice.

Some local businesses are glad the homeless are getting an indoor shelter while others are worried the facility will attract trouble.

The Yakima Valley Conference of Governments (YVCOG) will finalize a grant for Camp Hope that will go toward costs of the indoor facility.

Last week, a committee recommended Camp Hope receive $135,000 but YVCOG does not have to follow that recommendation.

Yakima City Manager Cliff Moore said the city has inspected both locations and is just waiting on Camp Hope to decide which one they want.

"The role that the city has is really ensuring public health and public safety," he said. “Again, state law in Washington allows a faith-based organization to run a shelter like this irrespective of the zoning regulations of the jurisdiction.”

City Council members are also discussing a long-term lease for Camp Hope's outdoor facility.

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Moore said this lease would be a three-year lease with the option of a two year extension.

"There are rules that the residents or guests have to follow and they are very strict about those rules," he said. “So it’s been actually a pretty peaceful location, especially compared to the experience that we had two summers ago at the Third and Walnut location.”

The city-owned property would be a no cost lease to Camp Hope.

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